Our New Body Contour Corset

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Our New Body Contour Corset

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  • Our New Body Contour Corset
  • Our New Body Contour Corset
  • Our New Body Contour Corset
  • Our New Body Contour Corset

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Exclusive design. Our Illusions corset is made to fit the transgendered or crossdresser's body.

This new Corset takes waist and body shaping to a new level. Special contoured shaping panels help to give you the illusion of wider hips and a smaller waist.

Sleek design made of Faux leather and Mesh.
11" length, Back lacing ( the corset arrives laced), 6 metal garters, cotton broadcloth interior ( for strength) and steel boning.

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  1. Very Nice! 4.9 / 5 stars! Review by Wynter

    At first I was a little sceptical as to why you would need the "Illusion Panels" on a Corset. after all it's purpose is to cinch the waist in anyway and if it does this you naturally would appear to have a narrower waist and by extension wider hips.

    I purchased it anyway as I had decided it was time to get my own corset(I'd been borrowing a friends for a few months now) and was pleasantly surprised!

    First off it is very comfortable, the back panel behind the laces keeps them from digging into the skin on your back so the only sensation is that of the corset cinching your waist and not the laces burrowing into your flesh.

    Second the busk seems to be a little misaligned as it all but never wants to line up all the way from top to bottom. I'll get the top two and the bottom two but then the center will be off just enough to make it very difficult to lock it in place. I'm not sure if it is just mine or if this is across the board, so I'm not going to take points off for that.

    Third The boning seems very effective without being a burden. The last corset I used you could feel each bone, this one I almost have to take it off and look to see where they are placed. Makes it easy for someone new I'd gather to be comfortable with wearing a corset for the first time.

    And finally the appearance, frankly I'm not a huge fan of putting a contour on something that will more often then not be under an outfit. However when worn on the outside the design looks like very interesting. and in this case that is a good thing, as it will compliment any black/silver top you wish to wear, it just adds to the uniqueness of your appearance.

    All in all I rate this a 4.9 / 5 as the busk makes it a little harder on me then it should be and takes .1 of my enjoyment of this corset.
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