Experience the Difference of Wearing Suddenly Fem Wigs for Crossdressers

You’ve heard that catchphrase. “Her hair is her crowning glory!” Well, when it comes to completing your look, there is nothing more important than a good wig or hairpiece. At Suddenly Fem, we do not buy our crossdressing wigs from women’s wig suppliers and then re-sell it in our online crossdressing store.

We actually Design and Manufacture our crossdress wig collection for the transgendered customer. What that means is that you receive a wig product that will fit well, will look exactly like the picture you see on our website or catalog, and that is guaranteed to be easy to style.These are the features that make our Crossdressing Wig collection better than other online stores.

  1. We design our wig styles with a larger cap size. This means that the style will not be tight on your head and it will also look like the picture that we display. Other online e-tailers show you women’s wig styles which will ride up on your head and you will find it difficult to keep them in place. The smaller cap size will also tend to “spread” the hair fibers out on your head making the style look more “poofy” and difficult to style.
  2. We use premium hair fibers when manufacturing our crossdresser wig styles. The better fibers assure you a more natural look to the hair plus a soft, flowing wig hair texture. Most wigs priced at under $40 will have inferior fiber quality. You can tell the difference in the quality because when you brush the cheaper wig, the hair fibers will immediately become frizzy and unmanageable. You will never experience this problem with our crossdresser wig styles.
  3. At Suddenly Fem, we take the time to design our styles to best compliment the crossdresser’s male face structure. We design styles that help to minimize the male features and give you a more feminine illusion.

Most of our colors are a special mix of two colors so that you get a more natural looking color instead of a flat, lifeless single color. For instance our medium brown in actually a golden brown with a touch of blonde highlights.

Now that you know the difference, you too can experience the quality and excitement of the superb design and attention to detail that is included with every Suddenly Fem crossdressing wig style.

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